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Easy Walk 3D Beta

Easy Walk 3D - the easiest way to walk your 3D projects

Easy Walk 3D is a tool that enables you to load your 3D data and create a 3D virtual interactive walkthrough. It cannot be more simple. Create Easy Walk 3D project and map, import your data, and generate the visualization type that suits you the best.

Note that this is a Beta release of Easy Walk 3D. The Beta is free to use. The licence will change when Easy Walk 3D none Beta will be released (version 1.0.0).

You can create Web content with Easy Walk 3D

With Easy Walk 3D you can create content suited for publishing to the Web. Easy Walk 3D supports:

  • A HTML 5.0 CubeWalk.
  • A 3D virtual walkthough as an O4C file for O4C Web Browser Plugin or O4C Viewer.
  • A 3D virtual walkthough as a self executable file.

Easy Walk 3D Gallery

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