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Flow Architect Studio 3D

This is a gallery of screenshots taken from Flow Architect Studio 3D.

Screens below present different phases of project designing process (click on an image to enlarge). For example visualizations created with Flow Architect Studio 3D click here.
First overview of the application, splashscreen over loaded sample project.
Main application window with editing viewports and material pane.
Material selection dialog window. This window allows adding new materials to project from libraries.
Models selection dialog window which allows to add models to project from libraries.
Library manager window, which allows to attach libraries to project and to modify their properties.
Library Explorer window. Application created to manage resources in libraries.
Surface control points editor.
Creating a terrain with a Surface Modeler tool.
Ambiet Occlusion rendering. Phase of postprocessing the project.
Final Visualization dialog window, which allows to create the final redistibutable visualization.
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